How to Improve Internet Speed?

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You feel like you need to improve the speed of the internet, but you do not know how? Check out 10 tips that can help you! 

There are a few ways to improve internet speed check it :

Improve quality, and with this, the speed of the internet can go far beyond what to change plan or restart the modem. In the following guide, check out some easy tips on how to get more out of your connection. Be sure to check out the results of these tips by doing a Speed โ€‹โ€‹Test.

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1. Computer Speed

Often you need to check if the problem is not on the computer, which may be slow and interfere with the quality of your navigation. In this case, there are two possible solutions: 
• Buy a new machine (which is not always financially viable); 
• Use programs or applications that promote a cleanup on your computer, which helps to make it much faster. One of the most recommended is PC Speed.

These programs, in addition to helping to remove useless software that starts automatically when you turn on the PC (contributing to slowness), has the option of delaying the loading of other programs, leaving the system boot faster.

2. Have a good antivirus

Viruses and malwares can slow your computer down, and some even suck up part of the bandwidth (and thus steal speed) to transmit data. 
Investing in a good antivirus is critical to keeping your PC away from these threats, and the two most recommended ones are VirusScan (McAfee) and Avira. 
Both have free versions, but investing in paid options still have the best cost x benefit, as they are not so expensive and offer more protection for your PC. 

3.Replace your old equipment

We all know that technology is constantly evolving, and this process happens very quickly. Keeping this information in mind, it is important to keep your handsets up-to-date, especially your modem and router, to ensure they are handling the best data rates.

4. Accelerating navigation

Navigation Accelerators are programs that propose to make small modifications in the browser, mainly with respect to the size of the files that need to be downloaded. They also save fragments of the sites so that, on a later visit, the page loads faster.

5. Defragment your HD

This tip is to lighten your computer a little. The more fragmented it is, the more time it takes to run the programs and consequently the longer it takes to run. 
Defragmenting your HD will often make a difference in both internet access and PC performance. This way you can get more out of your bandwidth.

6. Make sure your network is secure and free from opportunistic

Even if your internet already has a password registered, it may be that it is deciphered by some signal thief that is stealing your network, slowing it down. 
A great way to combat this kind of thing is to choose a slightly more advanced security standard, such as WPA. Formulating a difficult password, involving capital letters and numbers is also a way to avoid certain problems. Try to change your password often too.

7. Control apps suck a lot from the internet

Pay attention to applications that "hijack" your entire band. Downloading programs such as torrents, online games, streaming videos and even Netflix can significantly compromise your Wi-Fi network. In a multi-person home network, it is possible that such programs are consuming the most of the data and limiting the use for other functionalities.

8. Learn how to position your router in the right way

Some people usually hide the router behind furniture or in the corners of the house, however this is not advisable. It is very important that it stays in a high place and totally free of obstacles, because it is a signal transmitter and needs space. Ideally, you should also leave the router in the most central location of the house, so that the signal arrives equally in all rooms.

9. Restart the routers poradically

Sometimes the router hangs and this is normal. To reset the device, you can manually reset it from time to time.

10. Dealing with Torrents

The speed of downloading Torrents is often cause for many complaints. To deal with this, follow our tip: 
In the program settings menu, turn on the "Obfuscate" option (which can also be Encrypt, or similar). This should camouflage your Torrent packets, preventing your carrier from doing Traffic Shapping, so you can reduce your bandwidth consumption. It is important to take into consideration that the speed of Torrents download depends not only on the speed of your broadband, but also on the number of people who are sharing the file you want. That way, the more people sharing the file, the faster the download will be. On the other hand, if nobody is sharing, the download will be much slower

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